Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was thinking a night or two ago how I hadn't seen Charlie Don't Surf for ages, and contemplated banging it in my DVD player until I decided that I didn't really want to watch it at that particularly point purely because of how much I want to move back to Newcastle every time I see it... Anyways, here's the first couple of sections from it. The video builds up really well, so stay tuned for the last couple of sections. Most definitely worth it.

Mentioned the Berrics inspired 'text in' thing that Ride are running - I haven't watched these because I'm in a bit of a rush and really have better things to do right now, but they might be entertaining. The Berrics version usually is, mainly due to the editing of them, so I guess these might be...

I would very much like to ride the spot in the first section of this video.

Lastly, Chicken rules. Anyone who's been to a P5 jam will know this, but still - he's amazing.

Actually, that wasn't lastly - I mentioned last week (I think?) about Mutiny getting Rich Wilson to do an edit for them. Turns out that edit was of Safe Nath, who appears to not be scared of going fast, and have a good rollback and toboggan. All good!

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