Monday, February 01, 2010


Man, nothing has really happened in the BMX world. Ben Green is now TM for Coalition, but that doesn't really change much and... well... aside from the start of this sentence doesn't really constitute 'content'. Drew Bezanson has an edit up, but after re-watching the WTP "Partners In Crime" part it's just... I don't know, not the same I guess.

While we're talking indoor parks, because they often do rad stuff, I decided to watch Profile's park edit with Jeff Klugiewicz and Grant Castelluzo. It's a lot better than nothing:

I've posted these up before, and here's the latest - the newest Photobook from James D. Wade, which I saw over on Defgrip originally.

Next up, an edit from Focalpoint of Jase Bannan that features a lot of weather I'd be pretty into right now. This weekend was blue skies and sunny, but when it's sub-zero it's still got a fair way to go...

One word: Mute.

One letter, one symbol and one number: T-1.

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