Saturday, March 12, 2011

I hate titles.

Mixed bag today...

Firstly, Zoltan Torkos has a pretty rad style (and also an additional $10k as a result of this video):

"Video starts in 29secs." No, Mpora, video starts noooow.

Moving back to BMX, and specifically to people who have or still currently work for RideUK - firstly, H-Man's got some sweet photos up from his time at Seventies posted up on Streetphire. Secondly, at work we're on the BikeBiz newsletter so every now and again we get sent e-mails that are so dry they actually dehydrate me through my laptop's screen. This time, however, they actually had something interesting - specifically this interview with Albion. Seeing as I know a bunch of you dudes are well into your Facebook lurking, you can 'like' Albion's page here.

Shane Weston seems to have done things differently in every edit I've seen from him before, and that continues in this video put together by Nathan Williams.

The write-up for this that George Marshall did made it sound like a pretty... er... 'difficult' trip compared to most of the usual roadtrips that bike companies go on, but this video's still awesome. From The Make, who've been putting out some rad videos lately. You should probably click the 'label' down below and check that out, they're doing it right.

Side note: 'Make' is a weird word. Just stare at the actual word for a while. I hate language.

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