Monday, March 21, 2011


Man, Saturday's weather was too good. Paying for that now (my shoulders are haggard), but no regrets!

In 'other' news - Craig Passero is still really good. This time it's for Lotek, but ultimately the title sponsor for a video of him doesn't matter. You know it's going to be awesome.

Much like you can be pretty sure a Passero edit's going to be cool, you can generally assume a Mutiny edit's going to look pretty "Aww yeah". This is also the case. Good to see some Randy Taylor clips in there too, even if his riding was limited due to some pretty brutal sounding nerve/hardware issues.

Niki Croft. What else is there to say? From TheMake.

I'm willing to bet all those slams at the start hurt the world more than they hurt Niki.

Speaking of slams...

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