Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shoulders: What's the point?

Shoulders suck. Just sayin'.

Moving swiftly on: Stevie Churchill definitely doesn't suck. You need to check that hop 3 whip at the end. Clickity click.

Rinsed from Defgrip who rinsed it from Volume.

Whilst on a lurking session avoiding the fact I wasn't able to go out riding, I had a bit of a mooch around the Props website where they've got a pretty interesting feature on Filming boards. A bit different to the usual BMX-web-content, and quite interesting if you're into your filming. Even if you're not, click that link then just go explore their site - there's a boatload of content on there you might not have seen before, and some stuff you will have seen before but which is still good, e.g. this Tom Dugan "Setup" video I posted a while back.

Scott Ditchburn and Miles Rogoish are now officially 'pro' in a skateboarding sense, being as both now have a signature frame from Subrosa. There's details of both their frames over on Subrosa's site.

Is Matt Priest the UK version of Mike Aitken (Or "UK-tken" for short)? Goof, trails style, manny skills, etc.? Seems so...

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