Thursday, March 03, 2011


Man, straight from the archives - this was a draft I saved whilst I was pretty frickin' tired and not really in the frame of mind to be actually writing stuff. So yeah, slightly tweaked, here's some old stuff that's good:

Kriss Kyle

Ben Lewis

Tim Knoll gets chatty.

And now for some new stuff:

Josh Bedford has a pretty interesting living setup, which you can see on Dig, and indeed in Dig #81.

Caleb Quanbeck and the lesser known Jabari Winters feature in this Hoffman edit. Nozzzzzzz.

Ashley Charles absolutely rules, in this case 'for' Eclat.

Sticking with the 'A's, Albert Mercado has the nicest style. Even if this was a dedicated filming-missions-galore type video this would be cool, but word on the internet is is that it was filmed during lunchbreaks and general time off work. All good. For Shadow...

Lastly - I'm going to a rally school tomorrow to drive fast sideways. Despite the fact I'm going to be ragging around in a pretty sweet rally-specced car, I'd imagine that I'm still going to be going slower than Gary Young in this edit for Odyssey.

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