Saturday, March 26, 2011

All I'm saying is... here, add to basket, hit up GoogleCheckout, wait for it to arrive (usually pretty rapid, cheers dudes!), put it in your DVD player, get blown away. The new WTP DVD is that good. Andrew Jackson's opening section is awesome then it just continues to escalate from there. I'd sort of forgotten how good a lot of WTP's more under the radar team is (e.g. Max Gaertig, Mike Brennan and Chester Blacksmith - all of whom you don't really see much new footage of a lot of the time), so it was a treat to see a load of bangers from them. Go buy it! Here's the trailer to whet your appetite:

Moving on to free stuff from people you do see a lot of, here's a mix of Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmiere, Hoang Tran, Dennis Enarson, Ty Morrow and a couple of others. Some pretty rad moves in this. Ty Morrow = next level? Also features one of the nicest pulled toothy hangers I've ever seen courtesy of the freshly-brakeless Dennis Enarson.

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