Friday, August 20, 2010

Holidays should be relaxing

...but they aren't. As a result of a brief roadtrip then a load of image editing work, I've been a bit out of the loop this week, so as much for my own benefit as anything else, here's some stuff.

2 bits from Matty Lambert - some filming tips, and also a clip of Bengo confusing what seems like all of America with this nozzer edit.

Vimeo has some new coding action on the go, so if it goes wrong, directly blame Vimeo and indirectly blame those tool-bags over at Apple.

Dan Lacey has dropped a new Daily Telegraph edit. That's a phrase I didn't think I'd ever say. Head over to Federal to view it, as I refuse to put auto-playing videos on here...

Federal also have the new Dig cover on their site, and in new magazines news Ride is out now too, which features a Mutiny X Etnies trip - the video of which is here:

Speaking - as we were - of Ride, they've got a new edit of Lima up which also gives you the chance to win an ATF. Click that link to go over there and grovel like a 'tard like so many people seem to, thinking it'll enhance their chances.

I don't know why, but the way that video was edited sort of made it seem like as a viewer, I was being punished for something. In related 'music I didn't like' editing news, Ride US posted a 2 week old video on their site that featured literally the worst song I've ever heard - which was in fact so bad I'm not posting it here - but it did lead me to seeing this video of Hoang Tran on Vimeo after I did a bit of lurking on Subrosa's channel. Hefty.

Another Vimeo find was this edit of Bruno Hoffmann. The guy's ridiculous.

Very much lastly because I'm tired of this screen, go to LeastMost, read an interview about it, then watch I Love My Bicycle. Most definitely worth it.

Linky linky.

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