Sunday, August 15, 2010


Week off work = fan-frickin'-tastic this late on a Sunday night. Lie-in tomorrow! Get in!

Anyways, I saw this on some other websites before but in that I trust Mark Noble's opinion on things I thought I'd give it a watch seeing as he'd put it up on Deluxe. To partially quote Family Guy: "Hefty hefty heeeeefty!"

This is yet another BLVDLIGHTS edit - I don't really know who they are or much about them apart from this was made by Talem Cowart (hopefully?). Dude's got an interesting style anyway...

Lastly, this was apparently filmed in 3 days. Can certainly see the "Used to be a trials rider" side of things, but that's not the end of the world really. Nozzer to bars is serious whichever way you cut it.

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