Monday, August 23, 2010

No wai!

BMX shoe company in "Doing things properly" shocker? Probably a fairly (and un-necessarily harsh) way of starting that, but hopefully it got you reading. WTP are awesome, Eclat is awesome, and as a result you'd expect their shoe company to be awesome. It certainly is, from the sounds of things. They were floating the idea for the company about, and bouncing ideas around, back when I was in Cologne 4 years ago - probably why their shoes appear to be pretty dialled and they're still not released yet. Doing things properly = all good.

Spotted this over on the Nice website earlier - an edit from a good few months ago of John Ivers. Watch this, then go check out some of Nice's products, and maybe some of Solid's too.

Cards on the table time - if I put a video up on here, it means I've watched it. I don't really see the point in just propogating mediocre videos so I usually, unless stated otherwise, watch everything and just try and put up things I think are good. I'll be totally honest and say that I haven't watched all of this video. In fact, I don't think I got past the 1min mark. It's from Motion, so that should give people who know me some kind of reason why (i.e. park footage), but I'm sure some of you out there will like it. The editing's pretty full-on, but no doubt once your eyes become accustomed to it it should be fine.

Enjoy the pre-rolls. Man, I hate Mpora so much...

Bit of copypasta here for tea:

“Get a chance to win a Vans X WTP shoe. Watch the vid, find Bruno’s trick, then send your answer to 10 people will be selected and wil win ton of stuff from Vans & WTP.”

Snaking the park dudes with the "Is that oppo or hard way?" issues at the end there. Cover your bases, "Smith to 180!". While I'm being sour - people need to stop using that same filter that gets dropped in this video when Bruno picks up the mic. I mean really - enough is enough. Definitely worth taking the time to point out that Bruno's getting pretty tech-serious on street now.

Lastly: Corey Martinez apparently owns the rights to the twist to smith. So smooth.

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