Monday, August 02, 2010

Keep it like a secret...

So yeah - last weekend was a banger, many thanks to Nike 6.0 and all the locals! Photos up soon...

X-Games is over - Garrett Reynolds won Street, Daniel Dhers won Park and Jamie Bestwick won Vert. Winners.

This is out of hand:

Scotty Cranmer is pretty good, as this video on FFWD shows.

Lastly - Almond have a new 'look book' (Or "Website" as they used to be known) to show off their new stuff. Some of their formatting is not so hot, but hey ho - some cool stuff in there anyway. Cue all the classic "That's just a Chukka!" or "That's just a TNT 2 Mid!" comments.

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Fazzy said...

that street course is bangin, we need more like that in the uk!