Sunday, August 08, 2010

Late night's all right.

The last time something BMX related left me this cold, it was -8°C in Leeds city centre in the back of a transit van in the middle of the night. Kudos to him I guess.

Getting warmer now - the guy's got an interesting style, but the ender is all good.

Getting warmer still - Tobias Wicke is a prime example for all front brake aficionados out there that without a front brake there's a much wider world out there than toothpick and whiplash variations, spines and volcanoes.

Getting even warmer still - I'm all about seeing new Lloyd Wright media be it with him in front of or behind the camera. In this instance it's behind, making the most of his new pro rider celebrity contacts now he's living the high life over at Seventies - a whole load of photographic goodness.

Toasty now - Eric Lichtenberger not only has a name that I always have to think twice about spelling (should've done when I tagged him last. I lose.), but he also has a great eye for the unusual in terms of BMX trickery. This video's no exception.

Totally messing up the whole literary routing of this post, but it needs to be said - I mentioned a Cult rider earlier, and it makes sense to also mention that the Let 'Em Talk video is absolutely awesome. I've actually had the song from Russ "Got really, really good in the past few months" Barone's section stuck in my head all day, and if anyone knows the name of the intro song they're a full-on, absolute winner if they leave it in the comments.

...that is all.

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