Monday, August 16, 2010

Deary me.

Apparently the world is out to get me today - from the guy complaining about us being parked perfectly legally while he was ironically illegally parked to the person giving me hassle for an item I'm selling online, even down to the guy who got his dog lost down a hole on the face of a cliff next to a pump-track I was riding meaning that I had the constant, off-putting noise of a scared dog whimpering - today's been one of those days.

Fortunately, Cult have re-vamped their website and put some new videos up. Winners! Dakota Roche is ridiculous.

Alex Kennedy also has a new Cult edit up which is equally cool. All about the nollie can - techedy tech! Good to see someone thinking outside the box rather than trying to work out how many E.T.s they can do off something...

Lastly - the song's awesome, the riding's awesome, the whole DVD is awesome - Sean Sexton's section from Kink's Safety First.


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