Wednesday, August 25, 2010


...or near enough.

I find it really hard to care about BMX teams, unless there's a team video being put out (infrequent). As a result, it's probably unsurprising that I didn't know who would be on Verde's UK team. This video (and the accompanying article in Ride UK) certainly enlightened me, although the sort of 'style' of team seems to be a bit different to the US team. Not talking about in terms of outright ability or anything, but they just seem to be different sets of riders. Meh, who cares?

Here's Verde's UK trip. Highlights just how rad Kevin Kiraly is:

Trey Jones is awesome. He's got a great section in the new Cult DVD (About £10 or so, available from the shop now, just give 'em a call! Amazing video, definitely worth it), and this Tuesdays With Miles vid from his back yard is cool too. Some awesome front wheel action.

While we're talking new vids, the latest Road Fools, according to TheComeUp, will feature these dudes with a few bonus extras.

Dave McDermott
Jeff Kocsis
John Ludwick
Josh Eilken
Mike Hinkens
Tom Villarreal

Garrett Reynolds
JJ Palmere
Josh Harrington
Dan Foley
Chad Kerley
Sean Ricany

I think I may have posted this, but if not, Tony Hamlin is all good. From Kink.

P.S. Would've originally been a 12:34 post, but customers spannered those particular works...

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