Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Credit where credit's due...

Yawn have posted up a sorta walk-through thing with Cult that's a surprisingly good watch. Some interesting stuff about the company, some cool products and then some really good riding at the end. Pretty ideal advert, really?

Definitely a fan of Cult - loved the 'zine originally, the DVD is awesome, their stuff looks good and seems to work well. What's not to love?

Speaking of Cult - they themselves put up a spy-shot sorta photo of a possible Cult complete. Pretty rapid progression from bits 'n' pieces to a complete in that space of time, but I guess they've got the experience to know what they're doing.

Cleggy's one of the soundest riders I've had the fortune to meet from way back when I met him in London years ago to seeing him out and about in Leeds - his shop team from Notion have been on a bit of a jolly round the UK and it led to this video being created.

Lastly, some sour news about Scott Hamlin - apparently a sub-box double peg gone awry led to a pretty serious tumble ending up with a cracked pelvis, a broken shoulder, a broken foot and a broken bone in his lower back. I know they say "if a job's worth doing..." and all that, but seriously dude - no need to go that far! Get well soon in any case.

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