Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm really, really tired, so apologies if this doesn't have the usual zing...

Eric Lichtenburger had a stand-out part in Sunday's DVD, and has had a few sweet webvids out - this newest one, for Lotek, is in a similar vein. Observe:

I haven't been able to ride for 2 weeks now due to the weather, and yet more snow last night hasn't really helped in that respect. If only I lived near Ray's park in the US - especially with their new Rhythm Room. That looks sweeeet!

Ride UK had some cool stuff up today, first off is this Harry Main bikecheck:

And secondly is this 'wwwin' comp for a United Mothership frame. Click Here to enter!

T-1 have been pumping out Freaky Friday posts for a while now, and here's the culmination of that effort - the Freaky Friday 'zine. Read it and not necessarily weep, 'cos it's good.

In other 'zine news, Defgrip informed me today that Holeshot #6 is out now, so if you're into it, go buy it!

Haven't had a chance to watch this fully yet so apologies if it's not what you're after, you can't win 'em all. From Repset!

Posted this last week, but Scotty T's bars to manny to 180 and Newrick's various trickery make it worth posting again while it's reasonably fresh. I miss Newcastle.

And according to my lack of open Firefox tabs, I've pretty much covered everything I was going to. I'm now going to go home and bleed the radiators in our house not just because I can't ride and have fun, but also because waking up with ice on the inside of your windows sucks.

Winter: Do one.

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