Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The new Ride (#135) is out sooooon, featuring one of the nicest cover photos (and indeed designs) in aaaaaaaages. Check it oot, to quote a Scottish colleague of mine.

Go here for some sample spreads. Also got some samples of Chase Hawk's new Cult frame.

Not content with releasing some photos of a bangin' looking Tierra, Fly have bobbed up some new photos of the Pantera frame. Looks pretty fly ( Got some new Pantera bars too that are now 8.35" tall, and feature a non-kinky crossbar. Apparently Sergio learnt to work around a normal crossbar to get his no-handers done.

Precious little info on any geometry changes or anything, but hey ho.

The ever-interesting (for want of a better word) Miles Rogoish is now riding not just for fun, but also for Subrosa. Look, proof!

I've eaten too much fish and chips.a

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