Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lunchtime videotechque.

Couple of gems appeared on Defgrip today - first up, this brand-spanking-new Mutiny/Josh Bedford edit by Joe Cox:

Then in their convenient "Related" section, a pretty bangin' Stefan Lantschner edit from a few months ago that's very much worth a watch again:

Both of those dudes have some pretty ideal signature frames out too, Josh's Lucky Strike and Stefan's Montana. Om nom nom...

EDIT: Bit of outside help for this courtesy of IMG in the comments sections, here's the Montana:

Couple of semi-local-ish edits too, with Adolfo putting in an edit for Amity and Cal (who co-wrote the Southampton scene report in the new issue of Case) putting together an Odessa edit from Holland (which I spotted over on Ride UK, who have the accompanying article in the latest issue):

Tom Perry is a pretty rad dude who happens to be awesome at general art-related stuff, but also at riding. His part in the Give D video was cool (click his name tag to find it), and this new Odyssey edit is most definitely worthy of your time too - not least because it features the best manny to three I've ever seen in it. That's how you do 'em, not that manny to 3-tap business...


This green thai chicken soup is both tasty and not going to eat itself, so byyyyeeeee.

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