Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Well, after some 'exclusive content' (if that's what people still call it!), need to revert back to some reposted stuff. There appear to be a range of cool videos out today, which is all good.

Firstly, the Levis team mix. It's obviously going to be good, but damn, Jamie Bestwick is beyond amazing.

Levi's® Clip of the Week - Team Mix 2009 - More BMX Videos

Kevin Kiraly generally produces some pretty amazing videos, and this one's pretty sweet even though it is purely park (boo, hiss). The brakeless flip to manny - taking it back to the old school Owain Clegg steez?

Another person it's always cool to see ride is Hoang Tran (That San Diego edit with the remix of Born To Be Wild on is too good!), so it was cool to see this pop up on my feed today, over on Odyssey's site.

In non-video news, the P5 jam at Newcastle went down this weekend - the setup was insane, and the riding was pretty nutso too. Every time I see Niki Croft ride it makes me want to ride better. The dude's amazing. Here's a little teaser anyway, more pics up on Streetphire asap!

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