Friday, December 11, 2009

Bits and/or bobs.

Firstly, two items rinsed from FBM - the bonus section from Gypsy 2our, and then the promo for Melon 3 from Tom Blyth's blog.

If you want to win the back wheel on Niki's bike in this photo:

Do what he says. Or else.

Dig put up the new specs for the new Tierra 2010 line. Just look at this frame:

In semi-related news, I once stripped a Tierra frame. It took a lot of time because it had apparently been comprised mainly of powdercoat rather than good old fashioned steel. Well, last night, I decided to strip my haggard looking A2B frame. 3 hours. 3 damn long hours of Nitromors and wire wool/brushes. That was some thick paint, and the rust-proofing didn't help much either.

Not worth it.

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