Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Carhartt win.

(Helpful edit: Auto-running videos need to stop. In any case, about 4 videos down that Profile video's going to start blaring away so you might wanna scoot down the page, nip that in the bud, then head back up here and begin reading...)

It's really no surprise Rich Wilson (or Forne depending on where you look/who you speak to?) won the Nike Apprenticeship with skills like these! The dude's awesome at making videos, this is no exception. A pretty different take on indoor park videos, so no doubt the interwebs are going to be flooded with copy-cat edits asap. You know it'll happen...

Niki was riding the P5 jam with some "RIP Broady Banks" stickers on his bike, commemorating the recently merked Nottingham spot. To give you an inkling about what the spot was like, here's a section from The Make's What's What DVD with some classic footage from there.

I can't remember whether this Mulville video got posted out, but basically the dude utterly rules so any content is good content. This video is a bit older, and this Profile video is... well... newer? Anyway, here's two videos of Mark Mulville.

I shamelessly copied those videos from Deluxe.

Oh, and in other news that's very much less interesting from my point of view, Jake Daw is now riding for Stereo BMX, who aren't Stereo set up by My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee. I mean really - there are a katrillion different words in the English language, I'm sure they could've found something else? "Publish"? "Post"? "Save"? "Now"? "Draft"? "Autosaved"? Just a few that spring to mind...

That's Jake riding, anyway. Enjoy it if you're into that parky biz.

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