Saturday, December 05, 2009

Retro reference.

I was going to track down the DIC "I made this" jingle on Youtube so I could put it up before linking you to the P5 jam write-up I did on Streetphire, but, well... too late, I guess? Photos are poor 'cos I just took a camera up with me, no lights and fancy gizmos. Blag it.

Lurking TheComeUp, I happened to catch a glimpse of the Brad Simms interview, and the accompanying New York webvideo that I hadn't seen first time round. Well, it's late, but it's amazing:

I mean, really...

Speaking of webvideos - last time I saw, Micky Marshall was on FBM, but apparently isn't any more. Que? This is his Orchid webvid anyway.

It features that turndown gap too. The weird curved wallride setup near the start also reminded me that some builders make amazing stuff, reaffirming my belief that quality street (tasty sweets) can exist having just ridden the damp, drizzly wasteland that is Preston.

I need to go and play pool now, so as a 'final thought', I'll end with this - why try and make a chain stronger if it's fundamentally flawed (if you want the strongest chain possible, I wouldn't imagine it'd be composed of half-links)? Weird... Come back to me when you've got the real chain version of this and we'll talk, eh?

Found that on TheComeUp too. Yeah, I'm a cheater.

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