Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

Last day of '09, have a good '10!

Last blog post of the year has some good stuff in it - Ride UK have been doing "Highlights of 2009" posts with a select few riders. Next up is Owain Clegg and it's a pretty good read. Check it out here.

It's taken all year to do it, but in the last day of 2009 the Shadow Conspiracy have made a T-shirt I actually like. Go over to Defgrip to view the collection!

Brad Simms is awesome, and today TCU posted up an old part of his from Broke Off. I put his NYC web edit up before, click his label down there to go check it out. It's well worth it...

Another cold, snowy day means another day I'm jealous of the weather they have over in Texas - check out this scene report that I saw over on Dig.

I've just spent the past few hours trying to sort out car insurance. That sucked, but at least it's done now, so I'm off for a quick ride before working out what I'm doing tonight. Wherever you end up, have a good one.

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