Monday, December 14, 2009

'Ford Purple Velvet Metallic'

Best colour ever, photos soon (even if 'metallic velvet' doesn't make sense)!

Everyone in this video rules, watch it:

Tip of the hat to Pete for that thumbnail, and also for slow-mo'ing himself dead sailoring that bars. So good. In other dead sailor news, I saw a kid at Stoke plaza yesterday dead sailor a 5-set on a skateboard. I was totally unaware that it was possible to dead sailor a skateboard and actually roll out of it, but fair play to that fashion victim.

Bit of Union to lighten the wintery mood? Just played some pool at lunchtime in our non-heated warehouse - trying to type this is a nightmare.

Ben Hucke had this web-edit come out recently for Sputnic - dece:

Laaaaastly, this section from the 2x4 video was one of my favourites - Randy Brown (spotted this on Orchid's site), ripping. So good.

Said it before, and I'll say it again - Orchid's player does the neatest embed code ever!

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