Thursday, December 10, 2009

All the D's.

First off, two videos I watched last night - ordered Attention Stalybridge and The Wythenshawe Waltz from Clarky a few days ago and got to watch them yesterday, back to back. Quality videos, really made me want to ride! Pity I live in the middle of nowhere, and it was raining...

Anyway, in complete contrast to those videos, here's a Demolition web-edit of Scott Hamlin:

If you go to the Ride site you can check out some photos too, and a Demolition banner that they must've paid some goooood money to have up there. The latest development in the online advertising/webvideo vs. print advertising/DVD war? Heard about this kicking off a while back, was waiting to see it drop... (As a little caveat, I've been out of the BMX internet loop for a while now so if it's already been used a bunch before... well, there we are.)

In related Demolition news, they've also got a December team mix up that I clocked over on Defgrip.

Deluxe (see, all the D's!) had a link up to a Fuel interview with the awesome Mark Mulville. Click his tag to check out some recent video-age, they're weeeell worth it.

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