Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bits 'n' bobs.

Segment have a few new designs up on their site, including this hoody which looks pretty rad:

In other "New Product News" - Odyssey are capitalising on the keen interest in Chase Hawk's bikecheck (Oh wait, that was 8 months ago...) and have released the hard anodised red Hazard Lites to the general public. Head over to their site to check 'em out, their new Flash widgets kill this blog. Might want to put the kettle on to boil and make a tea/coffee while you're waiting for their site to load, too...

Apparently, the Duffs 4130 shoe is "Iconic", or so I'm told. Personally, the only recollection of it I have was thinking they weren't all that nice, and that was it, but hey - that's me. Regardless, the new 4130 Low is out in plenty of Nike 6.0 biting colourways, so check out TK Maxx in about 3 months and grab yourself a bargain in their shoe section.

How awesome does this place look to ride?

Just ask Ruben.

Mike Aitken continues to progress, this time literally in leaps and bounds, jumping up onto an 8" high ledge with both feet. Considering the trouble he was/is having with movement on his right side, that's pretty amazing. Plenty of other updates on Mike too.

If I could embed audio on this blog, I'd probably get Hman to say "Subrosa" just 'cos it cracks me up, and also fits in to this next piece: Subrosa's new grips, frames and forks are now in the UK, according to an e-mail I got earlier. The Alameda, Rich Hirsch's signature frame, looks pretty damn sweet, although the seat-tube doesn't look as kinked as it used to? Might just be my eyes. Head over to their site and check out the pics on their - you can zoom in and pan around them to your heart's content, which is pretty cool, and certainly beats squinting at tiny 'detail' photos...

According to this video, Joel made it up to London and it wasn't raining, which suggest to me Joel's CGI skills are pretty godly. When did that happen?!

Reflex from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

Lastly, gonna try out these post labels and see if it makes finding stuff on here any easier. We'll see...

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