Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Take two...

The Levis video is re-uploaded in higher quality on, so I suppose they've bitten the bullet and put it up online. Bit of a downer they did it so soon after Dig came out, but I guess it being uploaded badly onto Googlevideo forced their hand. Equally, here's Will Stroud's take on Caribougate, aka the age-old "Re-using songs" debate:

To everyone who's saying I bit songs from Tomorrow We Work: I did not do this on purpose. We started working on music clearance for the Levi's video earlier this summer and it took months for us to clear all of the songs - yes, Levi's paid for all of the music in this video. I didn't see TWW until just recently and it's unfortunate that the song is repeated, but this was not done on purpose. I hope everyone can still enjoy this free video Levi's and the riders have spent so much time, effort, and money on. Will Stroud

And finally, here's the vid:

Apparently Blogger's not cool with that embed code, so click here to open in a new window...

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