Friday, November 07, 2008


I was going to post the two pics of Jim C getting all rail tech on the new Sunday Model-C, but along with the photos was a reference to him not being able to "run them without getting into trouble, but now I don't have to worry about that anymore". I was a little curious, although the big Nike swooshes gave away that there might be a change of sponsor on the cards.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Beloe are out of business, after an issue with the big backers of Beloe not fulfilling their promises. To quote Brian:

"Yes, Beloe is over. I wanted to keep it quiet because I wanted retailers to be able to sale what is left of their shoes. The team has known. Long story short, the company that was backing Beloe, never fulfilled the commitments they made to us. We all got the short end of the stick. There's more, but no point in going into it right now. I wanted to issue something publicly a little later, but I guess I had to respond before everyone else comes to their own conclusions.


Disappointing, as their shoes looked really good. C'est la vie...

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Anonymous said...

Damn I liked beloe. The jim c shoes I have are sooo fucking nice
R.I.P. Beloe you lived a short but good life haha