Thursday, November 06, 2008

Online Ride US subs...

RideUS are now apparently offering online subs (Click that link), and are cutting back to 9 issues a year (Like the better Ride and Dig used to do. Apparently this is where I'm supposed to say "Print is dead", but I don't believe that any more than I did when people started saying it years ago. While there's still the prestige of having your work published in an actual magazine instead of just some rubbish little 'team update' feature on a company website, comps/jams to have write-ups for (because some people don't like just watching a 30sec web-edit of a comp), roadtrips that are taking place (because some people don't like just watching a 30-sec web-edit of a trip), there are 'big' riders around (because some people like reading decent interviews with interesting people, rather than a 10-question "Did you do any research for that interview at all?" online 'interview'), new products that deserve an actual explaination/review (not just Ctrl C + Ctrl V from a companies website) and companies still see that it's a good form of advertising (A full page spread ad is slightly more attention grabbing than having your 120px x 20px banner in competition with 400 others on the same page), I doubt magazines are really going to be going anywhere any time soon. I think Mark Noble's intro to an older issue of Ride (100, maybe?) - there's another benefit, archiving ;-) - summed it up way better than I could, but there really isn't going to be the 'death of print' that a lot of people are claiming will happen.

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