Monday, November 17, 2008

Late night...

Mulville is rad:

No joke.

In other news: Eclat, who are also rad, have released a new Pivotal seat (Well, proto anyway), which is also rad. Observe:

How awesome does that look? Phrase you're looking for is "Pretty damn!"

Main benefit is that the Pivotal guts are moved nearer the nose, with a refined webbing section for the rear of the seat, meaning no more Gonzo seats, and - at long last - Pivotals that look normal. The way the normal SL Pivotals sit super far forwards (Near the back of the rails, if they were regular seats) has been the reason I haven't run them for any length of time before, so it's cool to see Eclat have covered that area. Winners!

More pics on their site...

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Anonymous said...

i think fitbikeco was first, look at the proto pivotal seat in latest eddies cleveland bikecheck... it is also moved backward, slightly (but maybe not this much) ;)