Monday, May 28, 2007

Put yer shades on!

2 bikes checks in this post. Both of them brakeless!

Miles came into the shop last week and built the most colourful bike ever. Put yer shades on cos this is gonna hurt your eyes! :p

[Blurry pictures from Carlos' phone.]

[Arrghh... my eyes... they're burning! Owww... help!]

Full details on the Wethepeople forum. Its getting a lot of love!

2nd bike check was a rather cheeky request from Andy. Seeing that his bike actually does look quite nice in real life and that he's made my job easy by sending pre-edited pics along with a complete list of parts to copy and paste into this blog... I didn't see any reason not to post it. And oh, its safe to take your shades off for the following pictures...

FrameFBM Deployer
ForkS&M Pitchfork XLT
BarsWethepeople Cologne bars
StemSuperstar Elect
SeatShadow slim
Seat PostShadow
Seat ClampHuge old Hofman one from my first BMX
Front WheelGSport Marmoset, brown Primo spokes, Big City Lite
Back WheelGSport Homer, what ever spokes Carlos built it up with, Big City
SprocketMetal 33T
ChainShadow Interlock
PedalsAnimal Hamilton brown
PegsOld Mutiny peg on the back, Shadow Lil One on the front (not on bike in photos)
WeightLight at the front, not so light at the back

Finally, just thought I'd give "Junction Nine" a plug. Go add them on MySpace now if you're interested in what some of the locals are doing!

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Anonymous said...

its all going street!!!...

... and i love it!!!