Wednesday, May 16, 2007

...and relax.

Well, from having gone from wanting to physically harm the next person I laid eyes on, the Brand New Heavies and Handsome Boy Modelling School have calmed me to a state where I can do a decent "New products, yo" blog.

So I will.

Padded Cell (Pretty sure that's the distro) have - finally - gotten Shook's Put In Werk out to shops now, including Pijin. Sadly, because of how slow they were in getting it out to people, this video's been pretty much all over the World Wide Web, but it's still most definitely worth buying. Don't believe? Well, just head over to the aforementioned (and linked) Shook site, and check out the Chase Dehart remix section on there. Bear in mind that the real Chase D section is better, with more insane riding in it, and you've got yourself a kinda idea of how rad that video is. However, it's not all Chase Dehart, there are plenty of nutso riders in their. Jack Maddock's section is kinda like a baby Mike Hoder section, with huge pop and gaps, and just general power-house riding. There's a mix section featuring some 'big name' riders, a good road-trip section, Marlon Europe being way, way too good at anything involving his front wheel, and, well... it's just a good video. £14.99. Go get on it, then head over to Defgrip or Style43 and check out the trailers for #10 in the Shook series and hope Padded Cell get that into the UK preferably within 3 months of it going out...

Apart from delayed DVDs, there are new Odyssey bars, sprockets and brakes in at the mo'.

First up is the Lumberjack bar. Continuing in the new "8"+" range of bars, the Lumberjacks are 8.25", but share the rest of the usual Slam replica numbers, so we're talking 28" width, 1deg up- and 12deg back-sweep. Nice. They also clock in at a penny under £50, and have that rad Odyssey Lifetime Warranty shenanigans, so even if you do bend them you can join the thousands of Bikeguiders in hassling Odyssey's warranty department...

The Million Dollar Sprocket has been tested for a while, and from the guys I've seen running them, they can take some abuse. They come in at £39.99, BUT don't forget - the secondary guard is sold seperately. Right now there's the limited edition polished finish in, and as we know from Odyssey's limited edition stuff before, limited edition really does mean that - when it's gone, it's gone (unless you're talking about purple JCs, in which case, just wait for ages and they'll come back around...).

The Evo2 brakes have again been in the works for a while, they had prototypes ready way before the last Interbike from what I can remember, and that's going back a while now...

The O.G. Evolvers were always pretty sweet, so add some user-friendly details like different strength springs and better tension markers, a super-low stack height (chainstay brakers rejoice), and a low, low weight, and you've got some pretty sweet brakes. They undercut the rest of the "Snazzy machined brake" market at £31.99 too - poor man's Fly? Well worth it though, especially seeing as you get a pre-cut straddle cable included? Get on it, assuming your frame still has mounts, anyway. Feel that street influence.

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