Monday, May 14, 2007

New kid on the blog - Mark Westlake!

Ok, you may have noticed the a new name attached to most of the recent blog posts. Yes, we have a new blogger! Welcome Mr Mark Westlake, of Dissrm fame and contributor to many other articles/pictures scattered over the interweb! I can't actually remember how I got to know Mark. I seem to remember being introduced to him by James Noyce like almost 2 years ago...

Anyways, if theres something new in BMX, chances are Mark will know about it. And now we've managed to get him to share his knowledge on the Pijin blog! This of course means the Pijin blog gets updated a bit more regularly (me being a bit erratic on my updates and the rest of the Pijin staff can't be arsed. LoL)

Being from the Westlake clan, he's just a little bit of a street rider too!

Welcome to the Pijin blog Mark!

Mark obviously loves his bike very much... so much so that it gets its very own bed to sleep in!

FrameMutiny Burlish Holdfast 21"
ForkOdyssey 41thermal Race
HeadsetFSA Impact
BarsBent - :-( - Sunday Triumphs @ about 26.5"
StemFly Mosca
GripsFederal Thins
BrakesOdessa Hurricane/Orchid
SeatMacNeil Capital
Seat PostMacNeil Stump
Front WheelDemolition Bullimia on Demolition Zero, Padded Cell spokes
Front TyreAnimal GLH 2.1"
Back WheelKHE Geisha on Odyssey Hazard Lite, Padded Cell spokes
Rear TyreAnimal ASM 1.95"
CranksPrimo Hollowbites
SprocketUnited 25T
ChainKMC 710SL (in the picture, snapped it and replaced with a 510HX)
Bottom BracketFBM
PedalsAnimal Hamilton Sealed
PegsSuperstar Micropegs
WeightNot much, about 23lbs or so?


Mark Westlake said...

I seem to remember it was either that meeting, or from when I first spoke to you about getting an Odyssey wheel off you? Back in the day either way, kudos to Mr. Noyce for introducing me to the joys of Pijin anyway ;-)

Anonymous said...

mark is boss

Mark Westlake said...