Monday, May 21, 2007

Loads of stuff!

Lotek have updated their site yet again, but this time with a "Day in the life" photofeature on Ian Schwartz. They've got a couple of pictures of his new frame, as well as a load of product photos of their new shoes. I'm not so keen on some of them, but I'll let you decide...

This Ride US video is pretty much nothing short of amazing. 3 relatively (well, 2 relatively...) unknown guys properly dominating. That opening Luc-e to 180, what?

Ride UK on the other hand have got a lot of coverage of the Etnies Grounded video premiere (as have most of the other sites around, e.g. Defgrip, Mutiny, etc.). Up in the Video section on their site they've got 4 different trailers there.

While we're talking Grounded, the UK Premiere is up in Manchester on the 29th May. There's a 5pm showing which is open to anyone, then an 8pm "late" showing which is 18+ only.

Here's the premiere flyer:

I can't wait!

Lastly, Fly have a cool new innovation that's going to be coming out on the Tierra and hopefully more of their frames - removable brake mounts.

Quite a nice idea for people who are unsure of where their allegiances lie, plus if you're brakeless you can get that nice, clean look without harming the resale value of your frame. Guiri tab-style cable guides will accompany these to give you a nice, clean look.

All good.

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