Friday, May 11, 2007

New Proper bits in Pijin!

If you haven't been to the shop recently, you should. Not just for the usual stuff like meeting up with everyone and helping John make ends meet, but simply to check out the sweet new Proper parts which are now in stock.

The new bits include the 2007, revised version of what some people were calling the most popular rim of 2006 (due to the fact they came in different colours, they sold out almost as quickly as they came in at most retailers), featuring a lower weight, nice finish and some pimp, drilled out holes. They're only on the inner wall of the rim so you won't notice them from the outside, but you'll feel the weight difference.

As usual, they come on their own and built into the super good Proper wheelset, featuring their Magnalite hubs. These bad boys are again super light, but are still strong - especially considering how much lighter than a lot of other wheelsets they are. Gotta love those colours too...

Those wheels, a brown Animal seatclamp and a bronze Mosca stem and you're well on your way to the official Southampton '5 colour-coded pieces per bike' guidelines.

Never one to miss out on the hot topics on BMX too, Proper have thrown their hat into the uber bar game, with these beasts:

The Proclaimer bars are .5" higher than most 'big' bars out there at the moment, measuring in at a hefty 8.5" rise. They're the standard 28" width too, although they have 10deg backsweep and 2deg up, so they'll be slightly different in feel to your generic Slam copies. They weigh in at a meagre 732g though, about 50g lighter than Sunday Triumphs. 50g less weight for a bar that's got .5" more height's a pretty good trade-in all the same...

Prices are as follows:
Rim: £47.99
Wheels: £139.99 rear, £79.99 front (call for options!)
Bars: £49.99 (blk/clear)

So get down to Pijin and get your bike looking all fancy 'n' nice.

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