Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fit, Lotek and Odyssey updates...

Well, it's a rainy day here in London so here's some updates you may or may not have seen.

First up, Fit's EC/CD seat has come a little closer to production, with a new cover design (with embossed Fit logo) and slightly different shape. There still aren't any details such as an ETA, whether it'll only come in Ti rail option (as was reported by Ride US), or a price, but here are a couple of pics of the seat on Chase Dehart (While I mention Chase D - have you all gone and seen his re-mix section from Put In Werk on Shook's site yet? It's too good! Go and get the full vid and check out the original section, as well as a load of other top riders) and Eddie Cleveland's bikes:

This news snippet is a little older but I don't think it was covered here - Chase Hawk had a bikecheck on Devon Hutchin's site, and it had a few new prototype bits on it, incl. the new Odyssey Black Denim Aitken seat and Trailmix pedals (slimmer, grippier Jim C pedals), and a brakeless Fit Hawk frame.

Last up for today is the news that new, improved Lotek site, you can download the start of the awesome Lotek Vancouver video, check out some trailers for other videos, and cop a whole load of info on the rest of the Lotek team. It's nicely laid out, has some sweet photography and video content, and it's something to do to pass the time, eh?

In more local news, DISSRM are about to put out their new LDN Tour webvideo, complete with a little write up from Dan and photographs from me. From the video and what I've read of Dan's writing so far, it should be 'treats', as Grotbags would say.

More, as and when...

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