Friday, May 18, 2007

new to this/test

ok, so this is just a test, im new to this pijin blogger. hopefully gonna try and bring you guys some original and interesting posts unlike most companies who are giving you the exact same news you read 5 minutes ago on someone elses blog........ and some one elses before that, and then so on and so on. you get the idea..............

anyways, ill do a half decent update in the week when i have more time. enjoy the weekend, and remember, if you wanna hit some dubs this summer then come to bar end this sunday and lend a hand, it rained in the week for the most part so the trails are easy to dig right now.

enjoy this pic

brandan 'punjab' pundai, lap no hander at his trails in pittsburgh Pa. originally shot for a 20questions article for ride UK that never happened......
later on, netley

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