Friday, May 25, 2007

Fit goes 22T!

Ok, so you wanna run micro gearing? The smallest sprocket you could run on normal cranks used to be 23T. There comes a point when the spider bolt on your crank gets too close to the edge of the sprocket. Profile released a 22T sprocket but these would only work on their flatland cranks which had a spider bolt positioned lower down the crank arm. So if you wanted 22-8 gearing, you had to reach deep into your pockets and splash out for a new set of cranks too... that was until yesterday when a nice parcel arrived for us from 4Down. To be honest, I'd forgotten that I'd ordered the sprocket and was more interested in pulling the new Fit brakeless Hawk frame and S3 frame out to have a look. :p

Fit have now made their new DLR sprocket in 22T, that actually work with regular cranks such as Profiles (but not Primo Hollowbites cos the chain would rub against the inside of the arm). As can be seen from the photos, the spider bolt hole is super close to the edge of the sprocket... which might cause a few problems... such as the chain rubbing on the spider bolt. I dunno how this will hold up? Anyone brave enough out there to give these babies a try? :D

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Tht is to close to try