Saturday, May 19, 2007

28 Days Later.

Well, not really, it's only been 48 hours since I last updated this, so I guess that's not so bad.

Have you seen? DISSRM's been taken over!

Odyssey have updated their popular Vandero 10mm front hub, and with the G-Sport relationship going strong they've pilfered the "female axle" style hub from George. I expect that'll be a hefty commission? Haha... Anyway, here's the deal:

17mm 7075-T6 Heli-Coiled Aluminium Axle
10mm G-Sport Axle Bolts
2014-T6 Forged Vandero Hub Shell
7075-T6 Aluminium Collars
Colour: Black or Red

Can't find the weight of it anywhere online, but there we go. Padded Cell have a bunch of 'em in stock, so expect them to be turning up at the usual place soon...?

Everyone's favourite styley tweaker, Mr. Chase Hawk, has committed to Empire with this:

Tight. Speaking of Empire, Chill Bro! should be in Pijin sometime this coming week if rumours are to be believed, so that'll be a load of money I'll be dropping in there on bars and DVD-age this Friday? Sweet. Either way, that video's had more good reviews than Chase Hawk's done tables (like the link-up?), so it should be good. Aaron Ross's section and Chase Hawk's 5 minute long ending section are apparently worth the DVD's r.r.p. in themselves, if the reviews are true. The first Empire video was pretty sweet, so with Joel Moody having a lot more editing experience now, a larger Empire team, and a better stack of filming equipment, you know it's gotta be amazing.

Just found this too - while Chase Hawk was keen to show his devotion to Empire, he wasn't as keen as Josh Bedford was to Mutiny?


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