Monday, May 14, 2007

Joel Nicholls Bike Check

When you work in a bike shop, one thing that you notice are the trends that are happening out there. All I can say is, since Joel (and the Dissrm crew) have started riding in Southampton, brakes have started to come off, and more and more people are trying to "shoot them Bs"! Somebody once told me that Pijin was a tweaker shop... looks like things have changed a bit... and if you ever visit the shop now, you'll have even chances of bumping into a rider with a New Era flat cap and no brakes and a rider with girls jeans and big tweaker bars! The street influence has finally arrived down in sunny Southampton.

Joel's had his new bike for a good few weeks now... so the bike check is long overdue. Sorry for the delay but I have been a bit lazy on my blogging duties of late.

Don't forget to also check out the Dissrm blog too to see the London Tour video, starring Joel and the Westlake Bros!

FrameFit Ed 20.75"
ForkOdyssey Pro Race Svelte
BarsSunday Triumph
StemAnimal Jump Off
GripsFit Edwin
SeatMacNeil Capital
Seat PostMacNeil Stump
Front WheelGSport Marmoset Hub, GSport Ribcage Rim
Back WheelHoffman cassette, GSport Ribcage Rim
TyresFront - Animal GLH, Rear - Animal ASM
CranksPrimo Hollowbites with titanium axle
SprocketSuperstar Pimp
Bottom BracketFBM
PedalsAnimal Hamilton

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new era caps are boss