Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New arrivals!

Right, lots and lots to cover on this update...

Our Colony shipment arrived yesterday. New stuff includes the One Way Peg. These are very light weight because they are made out of aluminium (most pegs are either steel or aluminium with a steel sleeve)... so if you're a hard core street rider, then stay well away. But if you're a light peg user then these should more than satisfy your OWD (obsessive weight disorder). The walls on these pegs are thicker on the bottom and thinner at the top, to cut weight where you don't need it. You won't be able to rotate the peg when it wears down... hence the name "one way". Tips our scales at just over 100g per peg! You can also get them with integrated chain tensioners at hardly any gain in weight. Just remember these are left and right specific because the peg can only go one way!

Also from Colony are the new Sect frames. This is a nice clean sub 5lb frame... with 5mm dropouts (as opposed to 4mm on the similar weighted MacNeil Bibi and Mutiny Burlish). Apart from the weight, I'd buy it cos I like the caterpillar and flowers.

[I like Kenny Raggett's caterpillar]

We should have an Odyssey order coming in before the end of the week. Managed to get our hands on 2 gold elementary stems. Yes, you read that right, we only have 2. Mark at Padded Cell wouldn't sell me any more than that! There are only 7 in the whole of Europe apparently.

[We have 2 of these coming in. Very very very very limited edition]

Other Odyssey stuff to come in are limited edition Team grips. We have 10 pairs each in fluorescent yellow, teal and lavender (I think, I can't actually remember what I ordered). Might want to match those up with a set of the new Odyssey "Parends" (plastic bar ends). Vandero 2 hubs are delayed. Odyssey have recalled all of them from Padded Cell... not entirely sure what the reason is, but I guess its good of Odyssey to be keeping tight quality control. I now have no idea when we'll ever be getting these in stock!

Also got some new Dia-Compe stuff in today but didn't have time to update the website. Now have Hombre brakes and Dirty Harry levers in pink or white. And new fly brake clones too... check the Pijin online shop tomorrow for details (maybe).

[Hmm... the all new brake from Dia-Compe. I've never seen anything like it!]

Want a slim seat with minimal padding? The new Fit ECCD seats and S&M thin seats will be arriving in Pijin tomorrow!

Finally, the new Empire Chill Bro DVD should be with us tomorrow too. After an initial scare that the parcel may have got lost on it's way over from America to Shindig... we got confirmation yesterday from Stevie B that these babies have landed safely on British shores. Should be a treat. Here's that old trailer for you all again...


Anonymous said...

those pegs look amazing and so do the seats to bad ive got a pivot seat post

Anonymous said...

Hey i was just wonderering if pijin will be getting some of the limited edition white odyssey parts such as the rims or forks