Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Post #100!

It's the 100th post for the PijinBlog, and while we're not going to cut a "100" out of MDF and have someone spank out a gap over them down Hoglands 3-set, we will post some sweet videos and some nice product info...

First up, the reason 90% of park riders around the world have taken their brakes off in the past 6 months, Mr. Chase Hawk. This is a 'teaser' to his section in the CFB comp in some Props video:

And whilst we're on the subject of Chase, his sweet runs at the X-Games didn't really feature that much on your TV screens due to a multitude of reasons, largely based around the fact that the X-Games suck. However, months after the event, here they are:

And again, Chase Hawk - this time though an extract from the first Empire video. If you think how cool this part is, then imagine how frickin' awesome the new Chill Bro! DVD's gonna be? It may even be in Pijin now! How's that for font use to emphasise meaning?

In more Chase news, Chase's sponsor Fit have put up this web-ad to promote their new Down Low range, featuring the "Down Low Drop", "Down Low Sprocket" and "Down Low Regular". Apparently the DLD is for people who like the feel of big bars, but don't like the height (um...), the DLR is both a railway network and a sort of updated version of the S3, and the DLS is just a new sprocket, pretty much.

The most recent leg of the Braun Cruzer Tour went down in Montpellier last weekend, and apparently it was nuts. Mark Webb and Dan Dhers were the two big dogs fighting it out, with Mark Webb throwing down a flatspin 900.



And not any ordinary spine mini either, THIS spine mini:

For more info, results, videos and pics, cruze(sic) over to the Braun site.

KHE's Reverse freecoaster is going to be in the UK before the end of May, with the rough guess being week of the 29th (if that's the Monday...). If you want one, giving one of the guys at Pijin a call ASAP would be an idea so they can blag one from Ison for you. They come in white or black, 36H or 48H, 9t only, and with the solid axle as standard. R.R.P. is about £99.99.

Data have an interview up with Jim Cielinski of Sunday and Inventor of every handrail trick, ever fame. Scroll down for the Anglais version.

Lastly, get yourselves over to Shook and check out the last Over The Pond trailer. Street Joel's got all the moves...

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