Saturday, July 02, 2011

Saturday Video Frenzy!

That's right - Saturday Video Frenzy time.

Tom Dugan is now riding for Fit. Joe Rich is cool with this. Mike Aitken is cool with this. Ergo, you should also be cool with this. Here's a sort of 'see you later alligator' edit Joe Rich did featuring Tom, Joe and Ruben Alcantara riding some crazy setups in Malaga, at the time for T-1.

Double header from the Etnies/DansComp tour - first up, this edit of the whole trip. Features Chase Dehart, Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Tony Hamlin and some other people here and there. That ender is sweet.

The Bakery also have a little edit from when that trip rolled through - I'm assuming I won't be able to embed it, so click here to watch it with the date over-laid over part of the video.

Randy Taylor footage is always good to see, especially after the past 12 months where he's been MIA for one reason or other. This edit is his getting back into things vid for Mutiny.

Dennis Enarson is ridiculous, as this video I saw over on the Props site shows. Just sayin'.

Lastly, another Defgrip exclusive, another cool video. Pretty much on a 100% record there - those guys rule. This time it's a Bobby Simmons video which features some good stuff. Manuals for miles - Link!

Riding time...

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