Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, here we are again. Another big gap in posts, another load of videos that were cool.

First up, Chad Kerley - hadn't really heard of him before, but it appears he's pretty good! Certainly good enough for the-company-formerly-known-as-Nike-6.0 to hook him up, which is saying something.

Sticking with shoe companies - this is the crash edit from the Osiris trip I posted before. Again, half cabs = danger danger.

Tenuous shoe company related - thought Shaun Hadlington was still on Orchid, but who knows? Not me. Anyway, Shaun's got an amazing style that's even better to see in person. This is his section from Rain Dogs and it's got some rad lines in it.

Can I keep this up? Vans have fully put out their Vans/Cult collaboration shoes, and here is Vans/Cult rider Chase Hawk doing some cool moves in the ridiculously good looking new concrete park in Austin. As if they needed more to ride over there?!

Apparently I can keep it up - Alex Donnachie rode for Lotek in this year's RideToGlory (that magazine's out now, and is well worth checking out for the DVD alone. Some awesome stuff in there, all the edits rule!), but here he is in an edit for Mutiny.

Still going - Ben Lewis hit up the Etnies 'TF' whilst over on a visit with Fit, here's a self-confessed 'dodgy iPhone edit'. Ben's also in RTG and also does good stuff. Not that surprising...

Still on Etnies - Brian Kachinsky has a new shoe out, a variation of the Jameson 2. Fairly... er... 'interesting' looking. Here's a video explaination of it, and some standard hefty riding from him too.

...and that's about it, really. I'd sort of feel bad posting up non-shoe-sponsor-related stuff even though that just seemed to pop out of nowhere. Coffee time...

EDIT: Actually, just remembered one. Must... find... connection... Darryl Tocco rides for Osiris and Aaron Smith (I think?) rides for DC. Here's a trademark "Never put out a bad edit" video from Kink of their latest sojourn to France.

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