Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Style43 Street vs Tweak 2 write-up.

Joel, dropping the double pegs and according to the last frame, some urine, during SvT

This year, I actually managed to get my photos and ramblings about Street vs. Tweak up instead of having them all deleted off my hard-drive when my laptop died.

The write-up wasn't really what I was expecting, and bearing in mind it was me who wrote it, that probably calls for a re-write tomorrow morning.

Photo over-spill and more local-based write-up should be up on DISSRM soon. Got plenty of photos of local dudes, so check there if you want a new Myspace photo...

Anyway, HERE'S the write-up. Massive thanks again to Pijin, Dave and all the other jam organisers/helpers/sponsors/riders. It was too good.


Unknown said...

5:17am? mark, were u up late or up early? either case, you're a nutter!

Mark Westlake said...

Late. Damn, damn late.