Thursday, June 19, 2008


Get that clicking finger ready, it's time for a Redirection Frenzy™:

Ride have got not only really, really annoying pop-up ads (Firefox pwn3d them though) to do some ad research for Mpora, but they've also got a bunch of overspill from the pretty-damn-fine Matt Wakefield interview. Hadn't really seen much of George Marshall's work before, but he's goooood.

Also spotted on Ride's site some news about new Shadow Conspiracy stuff, check out the Shadow site here.

In unrelated, and not particularly interesting news for anyone but me, they've also got photos of their new designer Chris Gordon, who it turns out I've actually met at Cantelowes a few times. *Namedrop*

According to the PM's I've been receiving from him on Streetphire, Mute is pretty much working himself into a frenzy over how awesome the Terror in Trowbridge jam is gonna be. 13th July, make it count!

Bit of visual stimulation for y'all - here be the promo for the new 2x4 video. Should be a corker:

Oh, and lastly - Hoang Tran bikecheck up on Dig. Nice wheels!

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