Sunday, June 01, 2008

Primo/Ride To Glory

So, T-Nez is off Primo? Here's what Nate Moroshan, Primo TM had to say on the matter:

We’re all real bummed about this situation over here at Primo. First of all we’d like to say that we loved having Corey part of the family and the decision to let him go didn’t come easy. We also wanted to keep all this info between us and Corey, but feel the need to clear a few items up.
Corey was not let go because of a lack of stickers. Corey is one of the best riders on earth, we’d never fire a rider because of stickers.
Several months ago Corey mentioned that at some point he’d most likely ride fulltime for United. We would rather our riders know they want to stay with us. While spending some time in England it became clear that United was either starting a parts company or expanding the United line with new parts that would compete with Primo. Looking back on Corey’s coverage in the past few months he doesn’t show up much with primo stickers, and he’s had bike checks with competitors parts on his bike. Corey hasn’t listed Primo as one of his sponsors on several occasions in the past..
Corey was the highest paid member of the primo team, and we just want our guys to be psyched to be on the team. We tried to discuss the situation with Corey and we met with many phone calls from Ian at United back tracking on his parts venture. It’s currently our policy at primo to deal with the Sponsored rider not a an agent, friend, or family member.
Basically it became apparent to us that Corey’s loyalty is elsewhere. We decided to let him go forward and be a fulltime United rider.
We hope this clears up an misconceptions about this issue and we can all move on to bigger and better things. We wish Corey, Ian and United all the best in their future endeavors..

Nate Moroshan.

And here's Corey's side of the story.


Lastly, Ride and 4Down both have daily updates on the Ride To Glory roadtrip. Hit up the splash page on 4Down's site for all the info...

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