Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hitman "Sir Han" frame.

Fortunately for us, it seems Hitman's ability to make decent looking frames far exceeds their ad making capabilities...

After teasing you with the lightest prototypes out, Hitman Bikes announces the release of the final versions. Meet the "SIR HAN". A 4lbs 6oz. street/park/all around frame with a 21 holed salute to all that is BMX. Using butted, fluted, drilled, and post-weld heat-treated Sanko Chromoly tubes throughout, Hitman has created the perfect balance of strength to weight.

Not as light or little-tubed as the 3lbs 10oz. prototype that still survives to this day, this frame appears to look just like a regular frame, but with a whole lot of holes... It's nice when the wind blows also...

Avail in Black (of course) and Pearl Blue.
Specs are:
- 75 degree headtube
- 71 degree steerer tube
- 13.65" rear end
- 11.70 bb
- avail in 20.5, 20.75, and 21 inch versions.

All inclued a size guestimated T-shirt and a full 11x 14 multi-sticker sheet so you can have you own Hitman look.

Not entirely sold on the holes idea, but if you look past that it looks like a good frame...

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