Friday, June 27, 2008

Ctrl + Click = Open in new tab.

Which is what you'll be wanting to do...

Dig 65 is aaaaaht naaaaah, so check out the preview there, think "Damn, I want a piece of that" (Then think "Is that the Odyssey" font they've used on the front cover?" (Then think "Damn, that's some good advertising by Odyssey if I recognise the font they use like that.")), then check out the Photo Overspill they put up too. Check out the sourpuss wearing the new Dig T-shirt on the left of the page too, hah.

Mike Aitken got an "Interview" done, results are up on the Fit Site. Go and watch the Sneak Attack edit in their webvid section after you've read it...

Best-online-updating-company-ever Mutiny (Closely followed by the toad-ally awesome dudes at FBM) have a couple of photo updates on their site, head to the "So..." post.

Jim C and Jim B have Bikechecks up on the Odyssey site. Jim C also has his Signature Beloe Shoe coming out soon. Look pretty sweet! From what I can remember reading about them before, although those soles look vulcanised, they aren't, or something like that... Vague? Hell yes!

Colony are the latest in a long line of BMX companies to make a new grip that I still think is going to be too thick.

SPRFLS posted up Van Homan's section from that video...

Volume have their Ride To Glory trailer up on the Ride site, where they, a couple of days ago, dropped word of the Ashley Charles signature frame?

The DISSRM '07 Edit was apparently so good it's now been on TheComeUp twice. Nice one Joel...

Simple's front hubs now come in anodised green, blue, and "pink" (For want of a better word).

And lastly, some stuff to watch while you're waiting for all those windows to open ;-)

Tim-approved Take video.

Cringe-worthy Terry Adams trailer.

Oh, and lastly, here's the rider list for the next X-Games Street comp that they've finally got the balls to do in the US at last...

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