Friday, June 13, 2008

Hella tired.

Random photoshoots cropping up going on 'til 4am with awesome people are, well, awesome.

In other news, Mutiny have a new thin (I'll believe that when I feel it...) grip out and a Pivotal (And railed) seat. Click on their site for more.

B.A.R. have an Eli Platt bikecheck up, featuring the frame Carlos was trying to force me to buy. Bully!

Kevin Robinson did the high air record thing by like 6 inches. Fair play, but still, y'know, sorta feels like he's mugging Mr. Hoffman. Ride have the deets.

United have a bag out that could probably realistically be called the Ian Morris/Dean Hearne Signature Backpack.

Devon X Chase = Bikecheck and rad manoeuvres. How the hell do you even spell that word?

Right, I've gotta be up early tomorrow to post stuff, and it already qualifies as being early tomorrow now, so I need some sreeeeep.

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demsta said...

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